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Archwires for Braces

Archwires are a type of orthodontic product that plays a vital role in the straightening of teeth with braces. The name really gives a lot away; they are the wires that connect the brackets on the upper and lower dental arches, or upper and lower teeth. They work to force teeth to move and reposition, and without them there wouldn’t be any change or correction of dental irregularities. Without this useful tool, braces won’t accomplish anything.

Types of Archwires

So, what are the different types of archwires that can get those braces aligning teeth? These vital components to braces come in quite a few strengths, thicknesses, and materials. They vary so much primarily because the treatment will require various types of archwires at different times. In the beginning, it’s more likely that wires with increased elasticity would be inserted, gently moving the teeth. Pressure from stiffer wires could possibly cause brackets to come off. Later in the process, after teeth have had a chance to somewhat straighten, the more elastic archwires are replaced with stronger and stiffer versions for the final stage in alignment.

Common Archwire Material:
  • Beta-Titanium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Titanium (NI-TI)
Align with Midline for Your Orthodontic Supplies

At Midline Orthodontic Supply we are committed to consistently providing our customers with affordable, quality orthodontic products. If you have any questions about archwires or need help with any other type of orthodontic supply, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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