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Ligature Ties:




Ligature Ties

As a key component in braces and orthodontic products, ligature ties serve a vital purpose. Tightened around the bracket, these small elastic bands or wires work to hold the archwire to the bracket. They are not required for self-ligating braces, as this function is achieved by a specialized clip in that case.

These elastic bands lend a helping hand in guiding the teeth to move in a desired direction. A group of connected bands work to provide even more strength to close tooth gaps. These are referred to as power chains.

Color Options & Types

As a way to personalize the treatment, ligature ties and chains come in a wide variety of colors, from transparent all the way to bright blue.

Additionally, in order to best close in tooth gaps and meet individual orthodontic needs, power chains come in a variety of options. The chains also vary in the amount of distance or space between the bracket openings.

Examples include:
  • Continuous Chain
  • Short Chain
  • Long Chain
Choose Quality Orthodontic Supply

At Midline Orthodontic Supply, we work hard to provide the finest products with a wide variety of options and the utmost commitment to customer service. Please contact us today with questions about ligature ties and power chains, or any of our other orthodontic supplies.

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